Wine Festival

Event Time: 15:00 / Event Location: Dafnes Heraklion Crete

The famous “DAFNES” wine (VQPRD) is produced in Dafnes and originates from the grape variety known as “Liatiko”.

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International Sculpture Symposium

Event Time: No time set / Event Location: Venerato

(Event dates: 15/6 – 2/7)

The dream of Paliani’s residents to safeguard the institution of the International Sculpture Symposium and create a large outdoor Sculpture Gallery which will be open to the public is slowly but gradually coming true!

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Routes of Wine

Event Time: No time set / Event Location: Heraklion, Dafnes, Venerato, Siva, Avgeniki, Agios Thomas

The Wine Roads of Heraklion Prefecture form an integrated network of routes covering the entire wine-producing zone of Crete, including nearly all wineries open to the public.

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